Dating subdural hematomas, subdural hematoma


The aim of the present study was to determine the post-traumatic interval of the early subdural haematomas based on computed tomography attenuation numbers. Chronic subdural hematomas have a better prognosis if properly managed. The circumferential arrangement of collagen surrounding the vein makes it susceptible to such tearing.

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The occurrence of subdural haemorrhage may or may not be associated with any visible injury to scalp, skull or brain. The incision in the arachnoid membrane during the operation causes cerebrospinal fluid to leak into the subdural space, leading to inflammation. Forensic Science International. Hyperdense subdural haematomas are usually managed by craniotomy and at times by performing craniectomy.

Motion artefact Motion artefact. In many instances, especially with venous subdurals of infants and old people, there is an interval between trauma and the onset of symptoms. In addition to mechanical injury, trauma induces also complex neurochemical alterations that disturb cerebral blood flow, increase vascular permeability, and produce beta amyloid precursor protein.

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Further in developing countries, routine staining scores over immunohistochemistry considering cost effectiveness and requirement of technical expertise. Other lesions, such as contusions and diffuse axonal injury, cause structural brain damage. Subdural clot having red blood cells of normal size, shape and uniform staining properties were classified as intact. Results of logistic regression tables using histopathological variables with respect to time since injury a-e. Edit article Share article View revision history Report problem with Article.

They stop growing only when the pressure of the hematoma equalizes with the intracranial pressure, as the space for expansion shrinks. Some evolve from chronic subdurals but most are diagnosed incidentally when patients are having imaging studies for other reasons. Structural lesions induce neuroinflammation. This, too, can cause vascular tears.

Hence a very limited number of studies with which the results of the present study could be compared. Loyola University Chicago. Evaluation of the age of subdural haematomas by computerized tomography. Acute subdural hematomas due to trauma are the most lethal of all head injuries and have a high mortality rate if they are not rapidly treated with surgical decompression. Craniotomy for unruptured intracranial aneurysm is another risk factor for the development of chronic subdural hematoma.


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  • Routine histopathological staining of the subdural haematoma was done.
  • Symptoms of subdural hematomas have a slower onset than those of epidural hematomas because the lower-pressure veins involved bleed more slowly than arteries.

Histological dating of subdural hematoma in infants

With venous bleeding, they take longer. With arterial bleeding, symptoms develop rapidly. The attenuation of the acute subdural haemorrhage decreased with increase in the post-traumatic interval. However, they can have a convex appearance, single black especially in the early stages of bleeding. These are also in part due to the active nature of such lesions and the diverse manner in which trauma victims respond to injury.

The elderly also have more brittle veins, making chronic subdural bleeds more common. Intracerebral hemorrhage and ruptured cortical vessels blood vessels on the surface of the brain can also cause subdural hematoma. Typically crescent-shaped, they are usually more extensive than extradural hematomas.

Traumatic brain injury-Subdural hematoma

Subdural hematoma

Treatment depends primarily on the amount of mass-effect and neurological impairment caused by the collection, and thus correlates with the size of the subdural hemorrhage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fluid may also leak into the cavity from immature capillaries. Hematoma usually associated with traumatic brain injury. Fibroblasts, growing from the dura into the clot, organize it.

Dating subdural hematomas

These studies concentrated mainly on the gross features rather than going into specifics like aging and the degree of the autolytic process if any. However, in Strandberg et al. Excessive fibrinolysis also causes continuous bleeding. The neutrophils which are reactionary to the injury appeared late and were accompanied by vascular alterations such as dilatation, endothelial swelling, emargination, and emigration, etc. As the brain shrinks with age, the subdural space enlarges and the veins that traverse the space must cover a wider distance, is one direction dating making them more vulnerable to tears.

There is a natural epidural space around the spinal cord. Correlation of attenuation of the haematoma and time interval between injury and computed tomography was found to be highly negative i. Bleeding from the torn middle meningeal vessels lifted the dura off of the skull forming an epidural blood clot.

We concluded that routine histopathology was reliable in the dating of early subdural haemorrhages. This study was conducted for dating the early subdural haemorrhage by routine histopathological stains. Thank you for updating your details. Acute on chronic subdural hematomas refers to a second episode of acute hemorrhage into a pre-existing chronic subdural hematoma. Extra-axial Epidural Subdural Subarachnoid.

Dating subdural hematomas

Case tentorial Case tentorial. Sudden cardiac death Asystole Pulseless electrical activity Sinoatrial arrest. The cerebral hemispheres are not fixed rigidly inside the skull and have considerable room to move. Unable to process the form. The rest of the histomorphological features were grouped depending on their presence or absence.

  1. Maturation of connective tissue results, after several weeks or months, in formation of a sac with a fibrous wall chronic subdural hematoma.
  2. Epidemiology of head injury.
  3. The compressed brain can take some time to re-expand, and subdural collections may re-accumulate.
  4. It is important that a person receive medical assessment, including a complete neurological examination, after any head trauma.
  5. Variables in the Equation B S.

The determination of the post-traumatic interval of the subdural haemorrhage is a complex problem and has been worked out by a very few investigators. Conclusion The density of the subdural haematoma decreases with increase in the post-traumatic interval that concurs with the limited number of studies being conducted in the past. Also, additional criteria may be established using other staining methods and by the electron microscope.

The subdural hematoma starts as a flat blood clot between the dura and the arachnoid membrane. Bleeding from these vessels lifts the dura off of the skull forming an epidural blood clot. Regional Office for South-East Asia.

In chronic subdural hematomas, blood accumulates in the dural space as a result of damage to the dural border cells. Common sites for subdural hematomas are frontoparietal convexities and the middle cranial fossa. It results from rupture of corticomeningeal vessels and from hemorrhagic contusions of the brain.

Subdural hemorrhage

The dura is adherent to the skull. The cerebral hemispheres are thus tethered to the posterior fossa by the brainstem. Some subdural hygromas recede spontaneously and others remain for variable periods of time.

Subdural blood can also be seen as a layering density along the tentorium cerebelli. Subdural hematoma Subdural hematoma. Fracture of the inner table of the skull can tear arteries and veins that run between the dura and the skull. Some traumatic lesions, such as epidural and subdural hematomas, merely compress the brain and raise the intracranial pressure.

It may appear biconvex-shaped on the coronal plane rather than crescent-shaped which is a typical appearance on the axial plane. The breadth was measured as the maximum distance of haematoma from the inner table of the skull perpendicular to the length. Atrial flutter Ventricular flutter Atrial fibrillation Familial Ventricular fibrillation.

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